Friday Film- Rurouni Kenshin

Friday Film- Rurouni Kenshin


Today’s Friday Film is on Rurouni Kenshin the TV series. The series was 95 episodes long and originally aired from January 10, 1996September 8, 1998. The plot is basically the same as the manga but after the Kyoto Arc they do split. The three seasons of the series all have names with the first season being the Tokyo Arc, which is just setting up the world and the characters. The second season being The Kyoto Arc with an epic villain and lots of character growth. The third season is called The Christian Rebellion Arc is not the manga. The manga is very straight forward with no filler chapters but when the anime was being made the manga was still being written so sometimes there are filler episodes. Mostly the filler is for character development and humor but sometimes it can just drag on. But in spite of that it is a solid classic anime series about sword-fighting with over-the-top battles and a very fun time.

There are movies set in the Rurouni Kenshin universe. They are called Samurai X and there are four of them. Trust and Betrayal are set before the series and tell Kenshin’s backstory with Tomoe. Samurai X: The Motion Picture happens around the beginning of the anime but the timeline is not clear. Samurai X: Reflection are set after the series and was intended to be the end of Kenshin’s story but it is not considered canon because the characters act so different from the rest of the series.

You can enjoy Kenshin’s story with just the TV series and that is what we will be watching here at Mobile Public Library.

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