Film Friday- Skip Beat!

Film Friday- Skip Beat!


The anime of Skip beat was produced by Hal Film Maker, and began airing October 5, 2008. It ended airing with episode twenty-five on July 12, 2009. As the manga is still being written the ending of the series is just an end. Once the manga finishes maybe we will get more anime to full out the story. The anime adds so much with all the bright colors, making Kyoko’s over-the-top antics even more drama, and the music helps with the moods of the scenes.

Pied Piper has licensed the series and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the series on DVD and Blu-ray with an English dub. The Kickstarter campaign was successful meeting the goal and the stretch goal needed to produce the Blu-ray release. Which I did join in and I can’t wait to get my Blu-rays! The opening and ending are just so much fun that you just have to hear them for yourself:

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