Character Special- Lina Inverse

Character Special- Lina Inverse


I love Slayers so much that I want to do individual posts about the main characters! So here’s the first one.

Lina Inverse is the primary protagonist of the series and the central figure of the Slayers franchise. Although still a teenager, she is a powerful sorceress with a great love of money, treasure, and food. In the anime and manga, she is known to comically overuse immensely destructive spells. Her specialty is black magic, a destructive magic that calls upon the power of a demon or monster. Her signature spell, the Dragon Slave, comes from the power of the Demon King Shabranigdo, while the Ragna Blade and her most powerful spell the Giga Slave call upon the Lord of Nightmares. During the series, Lina and the Slayers face down and defeat many powerful demons, including a fragment of Shabranigdo, Hellmaster Phibrizzo, and Darkstar. Gourry has been Lina’s constant companion since the opening of the series, and never leaves her for very long. Lina once risks the destruction of the world by casting the unpredictable Giga Slave in order to save Gourry’s life. Although the two appear to be in love with each other, and even share a forgotten kiss at the end of Slayers NEXT, there is no romantic development between them.

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