Character Special- Gourry Gabriev

Character Special- Gourry Gabriev


Gourry Gabriev is a wandering swordsman who meets Lina at the beginning of the series, and accompanies her from then on as a self-appointed bodyguard. A characterization of Gourry from his manga profile is “as loyal as man’s best friend, but not quite as smart”. Gourry is somewhat less than scholarly and appears to have memory deficiencies. However, his skills as a swordsman are unmatched throughout the franchise, especially when armed with his family’s magic blade, the Sword of Light, also known as Gorun Nova. He has a high magic capacity and the potential to cast spells that rival Lina’s power, but because of his faulty memory and disinterest, he cannot remember spells well enough to ever use them. His kindness, absolute loyalty to Lina, and consideration for others are his best traits. Gourry eventually falls in love with Lina, which he expresses through his promise that he will guard her for the rest of his life. He is not as shy about his feelings as Lina is, and unlike her he won’t violently deny it when asked. He doesn’t act on them, though, and he seems content with merely watching out for Lina’s well-being. They do share a kiss in the final episode of Slayers NEXT, the second series of the anime, though neither remembers it.

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