Character Special- Sunako Nakahara

Character Special- Sunako Nakahara

This is a favorite character from an incredible series and once again I feel the need to do a series of character studies of the two main characters Starting with Sunako Nakahara!


Voiced by: Yukiko Takaguchi (Japanese); Hannah Alcorn (English) Portrayed by Aya Ōmasa in live-action drama.

Sunako Nakahara (中原 スナコ Nakahara Sunako?), the title character of the series, has an obsession with darkness and a morbid fascination with blood, horror movies, and similarly dark things but it wasn’t until she was rejected by her first love that she openly expressed it and became even more isolated from the rest of the world. She hates excessive light exposure and also does poorly in hot weather, though the latter is because she grew up in northern Japan. She has three “friends”; a skeleton called Josephine (with husband, sergeant George) and two anatomical figures named Hiroshi-kun and Akira-kun. While she suffers from severely low self-esteem, she is actually quite beautiful (most of her physical imperfections are a result of her self-imposed isolation from the world) and a frighteningly tough fighter, being able to lift someone twice her size with one hand, she is also surprisingly wise for someone her age and will give good advice to her friends (even if she doesn’t realize it). She is also shown to be quite blunt saying what is on her mind with no hesitation, unless she is asking the “radiant beings” for a favor. She is portrayed (mostly) throughout the manga in chibi form as a sort of visual metaphor for how she and others see herself; becoming beautiful when her mood becomes bold or confident. Somewhat surprisingly, she is a very good cook, very athletic, intelligent, and a good pianist. She refers to beautiful people as “creatures of light” and “ugly” people, such as herself, as “creatures of darkness”, in the translation in America. Whenever she sees a “creature of light”, she gets nosebleeds, and they’re usually severe when she sees Kyohei. Despite her negative attitude, once she is driven to do something, Sunako is quite capable of doing things that no one expects her to complete. There is also a possibility that she may have supernatural abilities i.e. plants wilting near her and windows shattering. She is also the niece of Mine Nakahara; she is called ” Auntie ” by Kyohei, Yuki, Ranmaru, and Takenaga.

Her relationship with Kyohei is somewhat unclear, saying that she always wants to kill him, and even going to the extent of turning into a lady temporarily to get him back. Her reason is that “she’s the only person who can kill him”. She has not, however, thought of or mentioned killing him for many chapters, not even after he kissed her. Recent chapters have seen her forget her first crush, and she is now more open to other people, including her peers and teachers at school. She’s also having less and less nosebleeds and though protests at first, doesn’t greatly mind spending time with Kyohei. During chapter 100, Sunako’s Curse, Sunako is seen kissing Kyohei (the first time she has initiated a kiss) after she put a curse on him, of living spirits. In the chapter A Present For You, she is seen giving Kyohei a hand-made present to remind him of the good memories with his mother. She also thinks of her housemates as more than just that, as stated in a previous chapter of the manga she thought that they were “Closest friends.” She is also shown to be very protective of her friends even going to the point of trying to murder or kill the person who hurt them (even if she does try to kill Kyohei).

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