Film Friday- Ghost Hunt

Film Friday- Ghost Hunt


An anime adaptation of the manga was created by J.C.Staff and premiered on October 3, 2006 in Japan on TV Tokyo where it ran for twenty-five episodes until its conclusion. The anime is licensed for English release on Region 1 DVD by Funimation Entertainment, which also uses the name Ghost Hunt.

Live action film

In November 2013, production companies Twins Japan and Kadokawa Shoten announced that a live action film adaptation of Ghost Hunt was in production. The film will be directed by Yoshitaka Yamaguchi with Atsuyuki Shimoda and Shotaro Oikawa writing the screenplay. Shinichiro Inoue will serve as executive producer, and Adrian Chaw will serve as co-executive producer. The film will star Maya Fukuzawa as Mai Taniyama, Mizuki Yamamoto as Masako Hara, and Yosuke Kamamura as Hōshō Takigawa. Additional casting has yet to be announced. The film was slated for a summer 2014 release, but until now, no announcement has been made.

The Two Main Characters-

Mai Taniyama is a 16-year-old first-year high school student who becomes involved with Shibuya Psychic Research (SPR) after she accidentally breaks an expensive video camera that was being used by the SPR in an investigation of an old building at her school. In the same incident, she is saved from a falling bookcase by Lin Koujo, who is injured instead. To repay her debt, she fills in for Lin to assist SPR’s manager Kazuya Shibuya. After the conclusion of the first case, she is offered a paycheck for her work and a part-time position at SPR. As the series progresses, it is revealed that Mai has ESP abilities, which include postcognitive dreams and clairvoyance. Mai also demonstrates an instance of astral projection, when she gives Masako a key to comfort her after she is kidnapped by Urado and his men. As she is still unfamiliar with her newly discovered powers, Mai is often not confident in her abilities and often does not disclose the full details of her dreams, where someone that resembles Naru frequently appears and guides her. The other members of the SPR teach her some useful techniques, which she utilizes in the series. She develops feelings for Naru as well as the other ‘Naru’ who appears in her dreams. In the anime television series, Mai Taniyama is voiced by Kaori Nazuka in Japanese and Cherami Leigh in English.

Kazuya Shibuya  is a 17-year-old paranormal researcher and manager of Shibuya Psychic Research. Mai nicknames him “Naru” for his narcissistic attitude; this nickname generally comes to be adopted by their colleagues. Though appearing cold and critical in front of his friends, he does care for them deeply and earns their trust and respect. Initially, it appears that he has no spiritual powers. However, later it is revealed that Naru is actually the famed paranormal researcher and psychic, Oliver Davis, and that he has very strong psychokinetic abilities, which Masako Hara has witnessed. Although Naru has been taught how to manage his psychic abilities by Lin Koujo, it takes such a large toll on his body that the one time he does use it in the series, he collapses and is hospitalized. It is also revealed that Naru had a twin brother named Eugene (that Mai sees in her dreams as “dream Naru”), who originally helped Naru to control his abilities. They were nicknamed Gene and Noll; when Mai gives him the nickname Naru (‘Na-ru’), he is taken aback because (in Japanese) it sounds similar to Noll (‘No-ru’). Naru and his brother were orphans who were later adopted by the Davis’s, paranormal researchers in England. Naru learns that his brother has died, and using psychometry, is led to Japan. It is discovered that Gene was run over by a car driven by an unknown woman, and his body was thrown into a lake to destroy any evidence of the accident. Mai Taniyama seems to be his most likely love interest, though a relationship between them is never confirmed at the end of the series. The original author Fuyumi Ono stated almost as if apologetically to her fans that she ‘does not do happy endings’. In the anime television series, Kazuya Shibuya is voiced by Yuuki Tai in Japanese and Todd Haberkorn in English.

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