Character Special- Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Bad guys and Others

Character Special- Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Bad guys and Others

The Bad Guys

Fei-Wang Reed

Fei-Wang Reed is a powerful magician who is after Sakura’s inner powers. Therefore, he scatters her soul into multiple feathers throughout various worlds to make it get stronger as Syaoran is able to return them to her. In order to ensure Syaoran’s success, he tried to make Fai D. Flowright and Kurogane his allies to assist Syaoran, but is only successful with the former. He is later revealed to be the creator of the clones of Syaoran and Sakura, having created them as backups if the originals were killed, and manages to turn the Syaoran clone into his own subordinate. He is stated to be a direct descendant of the powerful sorcerer Clow Reed by the witch Yūko Ichihara who opposes him. Though he already possesses the power to cross dimensions to transport Syaoran to different worlds like Sakura, he seeks to increase the power of Sakura to revive Yūko who was kept on the brink of death and her time being frozen by Clow, and thus claim himself Clow’s superior. He is ruthless in pursuing this dream and does not care how much blood has to be shed to get his wish come true.

Fei-Wang is located in an area cut off from time in the ruins of the Kingdom of Clow created by the original Syaoran when he wished to turn back time after he placed a death seal on the original Sakura. As a result of this wish, Fei-Wang took the original Syaoran and Sakura prisoner to set up his plan. When the original Syaoran manages to rescue the original Sakura from the death seal, Fei-Wang obtains the powers from the two Sakuras to revive Yūko, breaking a logic that starts causing all the worlds to be destroyed. This leads to a battle against two Syaorans, the two Sakuras, Fai and Kurogane, in which the clones manage to undo Fei-Wang’s damage to the world. In the course of the battle, Fei-Wang is mortally wounded by Kurogane, and his body starts disintegrating leading to the belief he was created by a powerful magician. However, before disappearing, he traps the two Syaorans and Watanuki in a void, while stating he wanted to tell Yūko something. In the original Japanese series, Fei-Wang is voiced by Kazuhiro Nakata. For the English dub of the anime adaptation, Fei-Wang Reed is voiced by Randy Tallman in first season and by R Bruce Elliott in the second season and the OVAs.

Xing Huo

Xing Huo is Fei-Wang Reed’s assistant who commonly appears alongside him discussing his plans. Not much about her is known besides the fact she is a “failed creation” of him. While in the manga she keeps interested in seeing the original Syaoran imprisoned, in the anime adaptation she acts as an agent from Fei-Wang during the last episodes. When the original Syaoran is freed from Fei-Wang’s prison, Xing Huo betrays Fei-Wang, as she transports him go to Yūko’s shop with him being unable to use such type of magic. A connection between her and Clow Reed is implied, with Yūko stating her motives were the same as his, and besides is able to use his magic. She is killed by Fei-Wang shortly afterward, who considers the betrayal as inevitable due to her origins. She is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi in Japanese and Laura Bailey in English.

Kyle Rondart

An agent of Fei Wang Reed, Kyle Rondart is first introduced in Jade Country as a doctor who was helping the village with their problems around the time the children started vanishing. Despite appearing to be a kind person, it is then revealed that out that through hypnotism he was the one that sends the children to the old castle to dig out Sakura’s feather. Due to interference from Syaoran’s group, Kyle loses the feather, and disappears with the destruction from Princess Emerald’s castle. He reappears various times throughout the series, following Syaoran’s group until kidnapping the Sakura’s soulless body and taking it to Fei-Wang. When the original Syaoran’s group manages to get to Fei-Wang and get their chance to kill him, Kyle is used to save him, dying at the moment. Following his death, his body disappears as Fei-Wang comments he was an artificial being. He is voiced by Mitsuru Miyamoto in Japanese and Troy Baker in English.


Yūko Ichihara

Yūko Ichihara, also known as the Dimensional Witch or the Space-Time Witch, is a witch who resides in a modern-day Japan’s shop. In her shop, she can grant people their wishes if they can pay the equivalent price. Although Yūko is extremely powerful, to the point of being able to create gods, she cannot act without the request of another beforehand, regardless of whether the events she wishes to pass are selfless or not. She works against the sorcerer Fei-Wang Reed, knowing his purposes and helping Syaoran’s group in their journey only when they pay a price. Before the series’ start, Yūko met the sorcerer Clow Reed and both created the two Mokona Modoki in anticipation for the series’ events. Near the series’ ending, Yūko is revealed to have had her own time had been stopped by the late Clow Reed to prevent her death. Fei-Wang manages to obtain the power to achieve his goal of reviving Yūko. Just then, Yūko rebuilds the destroyed bodies from the Syaoran and Sakura clones in order to give their choice for them to be reborn as normal humans. For this purpose, she gives her life for Sakura’s payment with Clow having done the same for Syaoran’s. As they are reborn in the past, Yūko is revealed to have died. Yūko Ichihara is voiced by Sayaka Ohara in Japanese and Colleen Clinkenbeard in English.

Kimihiro Watanuki

Kimihiro Watanuki is Yūko Ichihara’s employee who is the protagonist of xxxHolic. While he does not interact with the protagonists in his first appearances, when he appears in the Dream World, he meets Sakura who finds him similar to the original Syaoran. The original Syaoran acknowledges such fact, but Watanuki does not know its meaning as he once paid all of his memories to Yūko as a price to locate Fei-Wang who had imprisoned the original Syaoran. Watanuki and the original Syaoran were originally the same being, Watanuki being created when Syaoran paid the price for turning back time. A dimensional rift being created because of this, Watanuki was then born to Syaoran’s parents instead of him, while he was taken hostage by Fei-Wang, until his payment for the wish was fulfilled. As Fei-Wang dies, Watanuki is trapped into a void alongside the two Syaorans due to Fei-Wang’s curse. Following the clone’s death, Watanuki and Syaoran divide a payment to escape from the void; Watanuki decides his payment is to be made unable to leave Yūko’s shop, as after her death, he decides to succeed her job, waiting for the day she might return. Watanuki is voiced by Jun Fukuyama in Japanese and Todd Haberkorn in English.

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