Manga Monday- The Record of Lodoss War

Manga Monday- The Record of Lodoss War

Record of Lodoss War is a franchise of fantasy novels by Ryo Mizuno based on the work he originally created for a world called Forcelia as a rules-free setting for role-playing games (RPGs). There have since been multiple manga, anime and computer game adaptations, several of which have been translated into English. The plots generally follow the conventions and structure of the RPG systems including Dungeons & Dragons and Sword World RPG, in which several characters of distinct types undertake a specific quest.



  • The Grey Witch 3 volumes, art by Yoshihiko Ochi
  • The Demon of Flame 2 volumes, art by Ayumi Saito
  • The Lady of Pharis 2 volumes, art by Akihiro Yamada
  • Chronicles of the Heroic Knight 6 volumes, art by Masato Natsumoto
  • Welcome to Lodoss Island 3 volumes, four panel manga, art by Hyakuyashiki Rei
  • Deedlit’s Tale 2 volumes, art by Setsuko Yoneyama
  • Legend of Crystania  3 volumes, art by Akira Himekawa
  • The Grey Witch 3 volumes, art by Tomomasa Takuma

The manga adaption and its anime derivative Chronicles of the Heroic Knight continues the adventures of Parn for the first eight episodes, but then focuses on Spark and his adventures to complete a quest tasked onto him to protect Neese, the daughter of Slayn and Leylia. He is accompanied by his own cast of friends in the form of Leaf, Garrack, Greevus, Aldo, and Ryna. The television series shares similarities with the plot of the OVA, such as Wagnard seeking to kidnap Neese in order to use her as a reagent for the resurrection of Naneel, a priestess and the Avatar of Kardis who was slain by Leylia’s mother, the high priestess Neese a short time after the battle with the demonic god. Leylia was the reincarnation of Naneel, but when she lost her virginity she was no longer capable of being the doorway or reagent needed to unseal Naneel.


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