Film Friday- Assassination Classroom

Film Friday- Assassination Classroom

A single original video animation adaptation by Brain’s Base based on the series was screened at the Jump Super Anime Tour on October to November 2013. This was followed by an anime television adaptation by Lerche, which began airing on Fuji TV in January 2015. This adaptation has been licensed by Funimation for release in North America. The series was obtained by Madman Entertainment for digital distribution in Australia and New Zealand. A live action film adaptation was released on March 21, 2015, and a sequel, titled Assassination Classroom: Graduation, was released on March 25, 2016.


An original video animation based on the series was produced by Brain’s Base for the Jump Super Anime Tour and shown at 5 Japanese cities between October 6 and November 24, 2013. An anime television series based on the manga began airing on Fuji TV from January 9, 2015 and ran for 22 episodes. The anime television was directed by Seiji Kishi at Lerche, with Kazuki Morita as character designer and Makoto Uezu as the lead scriptwriter. An OVA episode was included on the first BD/DVD volume released on March 27, 2015, following a screening at Jump Special Anime Fest in November 2014. The anime has been licensed by Funimation, who are simulcasting the series as it airs and began a broadcast dub version from February 18, 2015. The first opening theme is “Seishun Satsubatsu-ron” while the second opening theme is “Jiriki Hongan Revolution”); both are performed by 3-E Utatan. The ending theme is “Hello, shooting star” by Moumoon. The second season of the anime began airing on January 7, 2016, and ran for 25 episodes. Anime Limited has licensed both seasons in the UK. On June 30, 2016, they announced two anime films, one titled Assassination Classroom the Movie: 365 Days, the other one Koro Sensei Quest and both aired on November 19, 2016. When Koro Sensei Quest aired they announced an anime adaption which will be the sequel of the movie, and more details will be revealed soon.
In the Philippines, a locally dubbed version started airing on March 12, 2018 in GMA Network with an alternate title, “Invincible Teacher”


A live-action film was released in Japan on March 21, 2015. It opened at number one on the Japanese box office with $3.42 million and as of April 5, 2015, has grossed over $20 million. It was the tenth highest-grossing Japanese film at the Japanese box office in 2015, with ¥2.77 billion (US$23 million). A second film, titled Assassination Classroom: Sotsugyō-hen, was released on March 25, 2016. In English, the title of the sequel is Assassination Classroom: Graduation.

Video games

A video game based on the series, Assassination Classroom: Koro-sensei’s Great Besiegement!!, was developed by Bandai Namco Games and released on Nintendo 3DS in Japan on March 12, 2015.
Koro-sensei appears as a playable character in J-Stars Victory VS, originally released in Japan for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on March 19, 2014, with an international version, J-Stars Victory VS+, released for PS3, PS Vita, and PlayStation 4 in Summer 2015.


Koro-sensei is the main protagonist and anti-hero of the series. He is the homeroom teacher of Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He is initially thought to be the perpetrator of the explosion of the Moon, which has rendered it permanently in a crescent shape; this is later revealed to be false, as the true culprit was a mouse implanted with his cells that had been sent to the moon as part of an experiment. Despite not having the intention to get killed, he offered to governments all over the world a chance to kill him under the condition that he is allowed to be the homeroom teacher of Class 3-E until the end of the year, when he will destroy the Earth unless he is killed. He is dedicated to his task as a teacher and imparting his knowledge of assassination to the students, despite knowing full well that he is their target. However, he is able to connect with each student individually, which is why all of his students respect him, despite knowing that he will destroy the planet in a year. He takes a form similar to an octopus with eight tentacles and his skin color changes depending on his mood. He is able to move at a maximum speed of Mach 20 (15345.383 miles per hour), which allows him to travel across the world in a short amount of time and makes him a hard target to hit. He is also intelligent to the point that he could teach almost every subject to all of his students single-handedly. He does however have a number of weaknesses, mainly to special rubber knives and BB pellets specifically designed to work against his body.
While he is initially believed to be an alien, he later reveals that he was once a legendary human assassin who was the first ‘God of Death’. After being betrayed by his apprentice, he was captured and sent to a facility where a series of experiments were performed on him, transforming his body. Koro-sensei was born in the slums of an unknown third world country, where he soon learned he had a natural talent for killing and an inborn lack of empathy. He became an assassin, murdering anyone for the right price, even world leaders and the heads of entire militaries. However, after being captured and used as a guinea pig, he begins to learn compassion and empathy from a female titan intern with whom he becomes close. His decision to become a teacher involves his promise to the intern who thought that he was suitable to become one, later revealed to be Class 3-E’s former teacher, Aguri Yukimura, who was selected to be his observer during the experiments performed on him. According to Koro-sensei, his lifespan will be over by the end of the school year in March, and if he is not killed by then, the whole planet will perish with him due to the explosive release of the anti-matter in his body that was generated by the experiments performed on him. After a vicious clash with Kōtarō Yanagisawa, the scientist responsible for his current condition, and his former apprentice, the second ‘God of Death’, and using all of his energy left to save one of his students who was mortally injured during the confrontation, an exhausted Koro-sensei bids farewell to his students and finally allows them to kill him, with Nagisa ultimately doing so by stabbing him in the heart. After being assassinated, his body disintegrates into multiple floating orbs of light while his clothes are left behind.
Koro-sensei’s name is a pun on the words korosenai and sensei.
Koro-sensei appears as a playable character in the video game J-Stars Victory VS.
Nagisa Shiota 
Nagisa is one of the students in Class 3-E, the main student character, and the manga’s narrator. Nagisa is seen as one of the weakest students in the class due to his small stature and mediocre physical abilities that are comparable to some of the girls in the class. However, he is actually the most talented to become an assassin out of all the students, something that is acknowledged by Koro-sensei and Karasuma. He is able to draw closer whilst hiding his blood lust to make a surprise attack and is able to make his opponents falter through his blood lust alone. Nagisa usually writes down Koro-sensei’s weaknesses, which at first seem minor (since they do not look like major weaknesses). However, some of them are eventually revealed to be useful as the students are almost able to kill Koro-sensei because of one of these weaknesses. Outwardly friendly and polite to his friends and everyone, he hides a somewhat darker side of him as an assassin that is not noticeable during daily classes and is only revealed during training and assassination time. When engaged in battle, Nagisa becomes a brutal assassin who would throw away his life if it meant killing his target. According to Karasuma, whenever Nagisa unleashes his killing intent, he is not training and truly goes for a kill.
At home, Nagisa lives with his chronically absent father and abusive mother. His mother tries to live vicariously through him by making him follow her exact life plan for him, because she experienced a lot of failure in life, and was also never allowed to look like a “pretty girl” by her parents. This causes her to constantly tell him she wishes he was born a girl and make him grow his hair long, which she only lets him tie up because if she unties it he still looks like a girl. His mother is also the foundation for his assassination talents, because whenever he tries to defy her when she is in what he perceives as a “gloomy” moment, she grabs and screams at him, so he learned to tell the difference between her “cheerful” and “gloomy” moments, in order to prevent some of her abuse. Nagisa realizes that this is similar to the “Wavelengths of Consciousness” that the “God of Death”, the world’s best assassin, talks about. After this realization, he tells Koro-sensei he has the talent to be an assassin in a career planning meeting. His home life improves and his desire to be an assassin wanes after he saves his mother from an assassin, which in turn gave him time to realize his talents can be used to save people and she realized that she cannot hold onto him forever. When the time comes for Class 3-E to finally end Koro-sensei’s life, Nagisa offers to deal the killing blow, which he regrettably does. During the graduation ceremony, Nagisa learns, much to his joy, that before his death, Koro-sensei talked with his father as well and helped him reconcile with his mother. During his time with Koro-sensei, Nagisa eventually realizes that he wants to be a teacher like him. After completing his studies, he becomes an intern at Gokuraka Private High School assigned to a dysfunctional class full of male delinquents and gang members, much to his chagrin. Nevertheless, he sets to work teaching and rehabilitating delinquent students while intimidating them into compliance with his blood lust. In addition, Kaede implies that he will begin teaching at the old Class 3-E building in the future. He is also shown to have trimmed his long hair, although he sadly notes that he has not grown significantly taller at all since then. When Sumire Hara asks Kayano how things are between her and Nagisa, she bashfully replies that he is focused on his career at the moment.
Kaede Kayano / Akari Yukimura
is one of Nagisa’s classmates and close friends, being the one who is mostly seen with him. She has an apparent affinity for pudding, once attempting to assassinate Koro-sensei with a giant pudding with explosives inside. She experiences a slight inferiority complex when it comes to sex appeal, especially her bust size, as she usually gets flustered towards girls with large breasts. Kaede is the smallest student in Class 3-E and is even shorter than Nagisa and Manami. She is also the student who comes up with Koro-sensei’s name.
At the start of winter, she reveals her true identity to be professional method actress Akari Yukimura, the younger sister of Aguri Yukimura, the former Class 3-E teacher. Believing Koro-sensei to be her sister’s killer, she stole and implanted tentacles from Shiro’s facility onto the back of her neck and changed her identity in order to infiltrate Class 3-E, using her acting skills to hide her extensive blood lust from everyone until she was ready to make her move. However, using her tentacles in battle puts her life at risk, just like what happened with Itona, and before she dies, Koro-sensei manages to remove them from her body once Nagisa calms her down with a kiss, shocking her to the point of passing out. It is also revealed that the time she spent with Koro-sensei and Class 3-E made her urge for vengeance falter over time and made her believe that there was more to Koro-sensei’s past than what she had assumed. She then spends the winter break recovering at a hospital, and upon returning, decides to hide her newfound feelings for Nagisa in order to not give him trouble during their mission to assassinate Koro-sensei. During Koro-sensei’s battle with Yanagisawa and the second God of Death, Kayano attempts to intervene, making use of the kinetic vision she obtained during the time she implanted the tentacles in her body, but is mortally wounded by the enemy, and to save her life, Koro-sensei performs an intricate surgery to restore her body up to the cellular level in order to save her life, a procedure he developed to ensure that the tragedy that happened with her sister would not be repeated, but exhausting himself in the process. After Koro-sensei’s death, she resumes her acting career, becoming even more famous than before. When Sumire Hara asks Kayano how things are between her and Nagisa, she bashfully replies that he is focused on his career at the moment.
Karma Akabane 
is one of Nagisa’s closest friends and considered to be the strongest and smartest among the Class 3-E students. He is the first one to be able to inflict injuries on Koro-sensei during their first meeting. He was suspended from school prior to Koro-sensei’s arrival by his class’ homeroom teacher due to his extremely violent behavior. Unlike most students in the class that were relegated there due to their low grades, Karma is one of the school’s most gifted students as he is the only one able to match Gakushū in terms of test results and grades, but developed a rebellious attitude due to his previous teacher’s betrayal after he severely wounded a top third-year student while saving a bullied student from Class 3-E, as despite believing he has done the right thing, his teacher revealed that he was only siding with him due to his grades to increase his reputation and did not want to be held responsible for what happened. Karma then brutally beat the teacher, leading to his transfer to Class 3-E. Because of this experience, Karma originally distrusts Koro-sensei, but Karma begins to accept him after realizing Koro-sensei is unlike the other treacherous teachers at the school. After the battle to decide whether they should kill Koro-sensei or not, he grows closer to Nagisa and even begins addressing him without any prefixes. He is also one of two to tease Kaede about her feelings towards Nagisa together with Rio. After graduation, he decides to enlist on a government test with the intent of carving his own territory in politics.


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