Light Novel Tuesday- The Devil is Part-Timer!

Light Novel Tuesday- The Devil is Part-Timer!


The Devil Is a Part-Timer! is a Japanese light novel series written by Satoshi Wagahara, with illustrations by Oniku (written as 029). ASCII Media Works has published 24 volumes since February 2011. The story is about a demon king named Sadao Maou seeking to conquer the world of Ente Isla, but when confronted by the Hero Emilia, he is forced to retreat through a gate that transports him to modern day Tokyo, Japan. To survive and find a way to return to Ente Isla, Satan gains part-time employment at a fast food restaurant called MgRonald. There have been two manga adaptations published by ASCII Media Works in Dengeki Daioh and Dengeki Maoh. A 13-episode anime adaptation produced by White Fox and directed by Naoto Hosoda aired between April and June 2013.

Light novels

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! began as a light novel series written by Satoshi Wagahara, with illustrations by the artist 029 (Oniku). Wagahara originally entered the first novel in the series, originally titled Maōjō wa Rokujō Hitoma!, into ASCII Media Works’ 17th Dengeki Novel Prize in 2010 and the novel won the Silver Prize. The first novel was published by ASCII Media Works on February 10, 2011, under their Dengeki Bunko imprint, and 20 main novels have been released as of December 7, 2018. Two prequel novels have also been published, in addition to two bonus novels. In an interview with Publishers Weekly, Yen Press announced their plans to publish the light novels in 2015.


Main characters

Sadao Maou
Satan Jacob is the Demon Lord from Ente Isla. Due to the actions of the Hero Emilia Justina and her companions, he was transported to modern day Japan with Ashiya and changed into human form. To survive in Japan, he adopts a Japanese name similar to his original name, Sadao Maou, and works part-time at a MgRonald franchise, eventually being promoted to a full-time position as the Assistant Shift Manager. He and other demons can turn into their original forms when people around them are filled with despair. However, when he changes his form to his devil form, he uses his powers for good deeds such as repairing the city, which always makes the characters confused due to his position as the Devil King. Throughout the series his current personality is often called into question, though it is later shown that he had always been like that, and was never once this “Evil Overlord” that the people of Ente Isla had grown to fear and hate; in actuality he did the “evil” things he did to help his people, the other demons. As he told Emilia when he saved Chiho, he just wants to protect the people under his care and around him. When he was younger, he was saved and taught by Emi’s mother, Lailah. She also gave him a fragment of Sephiroth that would later become his and Emi’s appointed daughter Alas Ramus.
Emi Yusa
Emilia is the hero with thigh-length magenta hair who fended off Satan. After forcing Satan to retreat from Ente Isla, Emilia Justina follows him to modern day Japan to ensure that he is destroyed. Like Maou, she loses most of her magical powers upon her arrival and is forced to assume a Japanese name, Emi Yusa, and find employment as a call center agent. Her father was human and her mother was an archangel. However, during her childhood, Lucifer, one of Maou’s generals, led an army of demons to attack her village, resulting in the death of her father. This is revealed to be the reason she wants to kill Maou. However, it was later revealed that her father was alive. Emi is later fired from her job at the call center and gets a new job at MgRonald where she works with Maou and Chiho. She also later develops feelings for Maou in the light novels.


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