Manga Monday- Inu x Boku SS

Manga Monday- Inu x Boku SS

Inu × Boku SS, also known as Youko × Boku, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Cocoa Fujiwara. An anime adaptation by David Production aired in Japan between January and March 2012. The anime has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks for streaming, and home video release in North America.

Inu × Boku SS was written and illustrated by Cocoa Fujiwara. It was serialized in Square Enix’s Gangan Joker online magazine between the May 2009 and March 2014 issues. Square Enix published 11 tankōbon volumes between April 22, 2010 and July 22, 2014. Yen Press licensed the manga and began publishing the series in North America in October 2013.


Part One “Prologue”

Volumes 1 to 4.

15-year-old Ririchiyo Shirakiin is anything but a normal girl — she’s an Atavist, a human with demon or yōkai ancestors, possessing similar powers to them and with the ability to be reincarnated if killed. Coupled with insecurities about herself and her most noticeable habit of a sharp tongue, she moves into the Maison de Ayakashi, better known as Ayakashi Hall or Ayakashikan (妖館), a high-security apartment building where people like her reside and are each guarded by their own Secret Service (SS) bodyguard. Despite not requesting for a bodyguard, she finds herself served by Sōshi Miketsukami, the descendant of a nine-tailed fox who devotes his life to her. Although initially unwilling to accept him as her bodyguard, the two grow close and Sōshi helps Ririchiyo suppress her bad habit as well as establish valuable connections with the residents at Ayakashi Hall. Ririchiyo also inevitably helps Sōshi become more emotional and to be more perceptive of the world, which he had not acquired due to his house arrest and isolation, and the two eventually fall in love and begin a relationship. Instead of fulfilling her goal to be alone, Ririchiyo has instead surrounded herself with supportive friends. Unfortunately, this sudden peace is interrupted when Karuta Roromiya, Kagerō Shoukiin’s SS, is attacked and heavily wounded by a fellow Atavist named Mikoto Inugami. Mikoto tries to recruit her for the “Night Parade of 100 Demons”, an army of Atavists that have lost their human sanity and have become senseless yōkai. Karuta eventually loses herself as well and becomes part of the army, attacking her friends. Sōshi is killed by Mikoto in front of Ririchiyo while trying to protect her.

Part Two “If”

Volumes 5 to 8.
Set 23 years after the end of Part 1. Nearly every one of the residents of Ayakashi Hall is revealed to have been killed because of incidents involving the “Night Parade of 100 Demons” and have reincarnated. Only Renshō Sorinozuka has survived, growing to be 41 years old. 15 year old Ririchiyo Shirakiin leaves her home and moves into Ayakashi Hall hoping to be alone, and to fix her bad habit of speaking and acting sharply, but meets Sōshi Miketsukami who becomes her SS. Ririchiyo initially has no recollection of her past life due to the trauma of his death, but slowly starts remembering after her encounter with Renshō. Once she remembers everything, Ririchiyo decides to break off her contract and relationship with the current Sōshi, realising that she loved the Sōshi in her previous life, not her current life. Soon the residents of Ayakashi Hall discover that after years of calm, the “Night Parade of 100 Demons” is about to start again, signalling that it has become an unstoppable cycle. While the residents of Ayakashi Hall work to stop Mikoto and the Night Parade, a middle schooler Banri Watanuki befriends Mikoto, not realising who he is. Later, after learning that Mikoto has gone back to 23 years ago using the Millenium Cherry Blossom Tree, the group decide to send a time capsule, containing letters, to the past.


Volumes 8 and 9.
5 short stories, each focusing on one or more of the main characters. Set sometime during Part 1.

Part Three “Awaken in Spring”

Volumes 9 to 11.
The setting jumps back to 23 years ago, in the first timeline, where the group are about to bury the time capsule containing letters to their future selves. They dig a hole for the time capsule, only to find that there is already a box buried in the ground. Within the box, they find letters from themselves to themselves, but which they have no recollection of writing. With the help of Zange’s ability, they learn about their future, and decide to do all they can to defeat Mikoto and his army. As this timeline follows a different path from the first timeline, Ririchiyo and Sōshi are not in a relationship, and, because her letter told her that Sōshi had died protecting her, Ririchiyo decides to keep her distance from Sōshi. The group manage to prevent the attack on Karuta and all seems quiet for a while. Although most of the residents are called back home as Mikoto starts attacking other Atavists and Ayakashi Hall is no longer safe, they manage to regroup and return to Ayakashi Hall. And, after rescuing Sōshi from his house, where he was held captive, Ririchiyo and Sōshi reconnect and begin a relationship.
They learn that Mikoto is acquainted with Shimon Satorigahara, an elderly Atavist who is considered the leader of the Atavist community, with the ability to perceive the thoughts and memories of others. It is revealed that Mikoto had been repeating the “Night Parade of 100 Demons” over and over again in the same timeline, turning Atavists into senseless Yōkai and making them kill each other, in order to gift their bodies to Shimon, who can read their stories and memories for enjoyment. However Kagerō manages to gather Atavists from all over the country to fight Mikoto’s army, and Sōshi kills Mikoto, ending the “Night Parade of 100 Demons” and lifting his curse, causing the senseless Yōkai to return to their Atavist form. As Shimon reads Mikoto’s memories, she realises that Mikoto had loved her all along. The residents and their SS bodyguards continue towards a new life together, with everyone alive and well.

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