Film Friday- Heat Guy J

Film Friday- Heat Guy J

Heat Guy J is a Japanese anime television series created and directed by Escaflowne director Kazuki Akane and animated by Satelight.

Heat Guy J was licensed and distributed in the U.S. in 2003 by Pioneer. It was re-released by Funimation in the fall of 2009. The first 13 episodes of the show also was broadcast on the cable channel MTV2. A one volume manga was created based on the series, and was licensed and distributed by Tokyopop. The show was picked up for a UK DVD release by Manga Entertainment starting in March 2006. It was packaged in double DVD sets to make up for the long delayed release of the series.


Special Services

  • Daisuke Aurora
    – Department of Security, Central Headquarters Special Services Employee, age 21

    Nicknamed “Dais” (or “Dice”). Cool and laid back, Daisuke is one half of the Special Services Bureau’s investigative team. He prefers action to paperwork, but when he’s not out on the street fighting crime, he’s often seen in various states of in-action.
    Although he never really shows it, Daisuke is quite compassionate and has a strong sense of justice. However, he has deep and painful memories of the vanishing of his mother and his father (a politician) being murdered by an android. The only memento of his father is a bullet pendant he wears around his neck.
  • J
    – Special Services Android, 3, Appearance of a 40-year-old Man

    An android with incredible power, J was created in cooperation between a government facility and a civilian enterprise; androids are illegal in Judoh, but a special exception is made for J, much to the dismay of wary city officials. Despite his hulking size, J can run at enormous speeds and packs a powerful punch. However, after prolonged bouts of action, J must cool himself down by venting a great deal of superheated air from pipes mounted on his shoulders, making a sound like a howling wolf. J is maintained by the Civilian Enterprises Sect technician Antonia Bellucci. It is said that J is modeled after Antonia’s father. This is probably why J seems to be so human sometimes, with a noble character and strong beliefs on things like how a man should act.
  • Kyoko Milchan
    – Department of Security, Central Headquarters Special Services Auditor/Accountant, age 21

    A young auditor and accountant for Special Services, Kyoko is strait-laced and always plays by the rules. This causes her stress when dealing with Daisuke, whom she often scolds. However, she eventually develops feelings towards Daisuke, after letting go of her crush on his brother Shun.
  • Shun Aurora 
    – Government Investigative Office of Department of Security, Central Headquarters General Manager, age 27

    Daisuke’s older brother and the General Manager of Special Services, Shun prides himself on his rational and logical thinking. Shun’s logical nature is usually in conflict with Daisuke’s more impulsive personality. This causes a gap between the two brothers, despite the fact that Shun raised Daisuke after their father’s death at the hand of an android. Another point of contention between them is Shun’s inability to forgive his mother for leaving their family when Shun was 9 and Daisuke 3. Shun is responsible for the partnership of his brother with J.
  • Phia Oliveira
    – Central Headquarters, General Manager’s Secretary, age 27

    Phia is Shun’s head secretary over at the Special Services office. She is very reliable although she seems to take enjoyment in seeing Shun and Daisuke argue.

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