Film Friday- Arata: The Legend

Film Friday- Arata: The Legend

Arata: The Legend is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuu Watase. It began serialization in Weekly Shōnen Sunday in October 2008. Its individual chapters has been compiled into twenty-four tankōbon volumes as of September 2015.

An anime television series adaptation produced by Satelight and Korean studio JM Animation aired from April to July 2013.

Main Characters

Arata Hinohara 
The main protagonist, along with Arata. Arata Hinohara is a shy high school freshman from modern-day Japan. He is athletic, and used to run track in middle school. He’s had life difficulties in trusting others that leaves his family worrying about him overtime. After being bullied by Kadowaki, betrayed by his friend Suguru, and feeling sorrowful, Hinohara is sucked into another world, Amawakuni, where he poses as the Arata from Amawakuni, who has been framed for the princess’ murder. Soon after his entrance into the new world, he becomes a Shō, one chosen to wield the Hayagami Tsukuyo, the god of light, in the form of a sword. He promises Kikuri to help restore her power. Having to escape Gatoya Island, after Hinohara purified Tsutsuga, he embarks on a quest to govern the world from war. Along the road, Hinohara begins understand what he really must believe in. He eventually falls in love with Kotoha. In the manga, Kadowaki had place a Kimon mark on Hinohara that tampers his emotions, until he matures enough to break it. When his Hayagami fully awakens, he gains three techniques which he can produce: ultimate-chain, flash-wave, and Sun-of-the-World; dispel darkness out of people’s hearts. He is also blessed with the title Emperor Of Hinowa. With this new revelation, “Arata’s” name for murdering the princess has been cleared throughout Amawakuni.
Arata, from Amawakuni, is outgoing, full of energy, and is bored easily. At birth, his grandmother Makari, claimed that he was a girl but still raised him as boy. He is part of the Hime Clan, which provides the princesses to maintain balance in the world. With no other girls to succeed the current princess, Arata poses as a girl to become Kikuri’s successor. At the succession ceremony, he witnesses Kikuri’s assassination and is quickly framed for murder. He runs into the Kando Forest, where he switch places with Arata Hinohara from modern-day Japan. He puts his best efforts in going to school and trying to adapt in the new world, especially the family he never had. He and Hinohara are able to contact each other once in a while link through the princess’ two charms which Kotoha had given them both. In the manga, Arata uses an odd cellphone strap infused with Amatsuriki to fight Harunawa in the real world. Now Arata looks to avenge his deceased family and protect Imina.
Kotoha is Arata’s childhood friend, even though her family the Uneme Clan has served the Hime Clan for years. She wishes to help others, and has the healing powers that all women of Uneme Clan have. She accompanies Hinohara on his quest. Like almost everyone else in Awamakuni, she thinks that Hinohara is the Arata from the Hime Clan whom lost his memories after being “swallowed” by the Kando Forest, but later learns his true identity in chapter 41. In the anime, she figures it out when noticing his reactions to her and by the sudden appearance of Kadowaki. She had romantic feelings for Arata but shifts to Hinohara when Arata rejected her, and is the first person to have belief in Hinohara. As the series progresses, Kotoha’s healing powers have become stronger.
One of the Twelve Shinshō, he wields the Hayagami Homura, the god of fire. He incites the coup d’etat against the princess so that the Shinshō can use their Hayagami without limitations and frames Arata for the murder. Kannagi is determined to become emperor for the sake of Emisu, whom he loved. At first, he leads the manhunt for Arata, but later accepts Hinohara’s pity to accompany on his quest in order to get revenge on Akachi for killing all his Zokushō, and having his Hayagami stolen. Kannagi swore to Honi that he will make things right again. In chapter 119, he finally retrieves his Hayagami, along saving an orphan who resembles Emisu. After Akachi’s defeat, Kannagi now pledges to watch over the other Emisu and resume his desire to become emperor; though Hinohara understands him.
She is a strong warrior who disguised herself as a male her whole life due to circumstances and labeled as a fake member of the Hime Clan. At first, she tried to avenge Kikuri, but Hinohara was able to prove his innocence. She doesn’t trust others easily and is unsure how to respond to Hinohara and company in chapter 65. Mikusa does not know how to behave like a woman at first, but after developing affections for Hinohara, she starts to become more feminine. After deciding Hinohara’s group is trustworthy she opens up towards the others. The only person she shows a softer side to was Rami. It was discovered in chapter 105 that Mikusa had been found near Kando Forest by Kikuri and was adopted into the Hime Clan 15 years ago, meaning she’s the one who switched places with Imina and is Japanese.
One of the Twelve Shinshō. He wields the Hayagami Zekuu, the god of void in the form of a mirror. He is able to reflect a person’s true character. He’s very proper and conducts himself in a professional and chivalrous manner. Yataka’s first formal meeting with Princess Kikuri was when she requested he bring her to her home to visit her dying mother. They soon became a couple afterwards and he began seeing the world as pure and beautiful. However, one day Kikuri left him without telling him. He believed Kikuri betrayed him and grew resentful. After finding out the truth behind Kikuri’s betrayal, Yataka suffered even more. Kotoha reveals to him that Kikuri must have suffered during this ordeal because she truly wished to be with him. Now convince of Kikuri’s reasons, Yataka tried to submit to Hinohara, but he rejected him saying he should instead atone for his actions. Okima takes his position for the time-being while Yataka accompanies Hinohara to help recover Kikuri.


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