Film Friday- Fire Force

Film Friday- Fire Force

Fire Force is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo. It is published by Kodansha and has been serialized in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine since September 23, 2015, with the chapters collected into twenty-three tankōbon volumes as of May 2020.

An anime television series adaptation by David Production aired from July 5 to December 27, 2019 on the Super Animeism block. A second season is set to premiere in July 2020.


An anime television series adaptation by studio David Production was announced on November 14, 2018. The series is directed by Yuki Yase, with Yamato Haijima handling the series’ scripts, Hideyuki Morioka designing the characters and Kenichiro Suehiro composing the music. The series aired from July 5 to December 27, 2019 on Japan News Network stations MBS and TBS as part of the Super Animeism block. It ran for 24 episodes. Due to the Kyoto Animation arson attack on July 18, 2019, Episode 3, which was originally scheduled to air on July 19, 2019, was postponed to July 26, 2019. The opening theme is “Inferno” by Mrs. Green Apple and the ending theme is “veil” by Keina Suda. The second opening theme is “MAYDAY” by Coldrain feat. Ryo from Crystal Lake from their album The Side Effects and the second ending is “Nо̄nai” by Lenny code fiction.

A second season has been announced, and it will premiere in July 2020. The official announcements describe the continuation as the “2nd chapter” of the anime series. In May 2020, a promotional video for the second season was released. The second season will be directed by Tatsumi Minakawa (replacing Yuki Yase from the previous season). The opening theme will be “SPARK-AGAIN”, performed by Aimer.

Funimation has licensed the series for streaming on FunimationNow. The series was simulcast in Southeast Asia on Aniplus Asia. On July 19, 2019, it was announced that the series would premiere on Adult Swim’s Toonami block on July 27, 2019.

Stage Play

A stage-play adaptation of the series was announced on January 7, 2020, confirming the cast for the play and is scheduled to run on July 31 to August 2 at the Umeda Arts Theater in Osaka and on August 7 to August 9 at KT Zepp Yokohama in Kanagawa. The play is directed by Sho Kubota, the scriptwriter is Yusei Naruse, and music composer is Masaki Miyoshi. The protagonist Shinra Kusakabe will be played by Hikaru Makishima.

Special Fire Force Company 8

Special Fire Force Company 8 (第8特殊消防隊, Dai Hachi Tokushu Shōbōtai) is a Special Fire Force located in Tokyo, having the fewest resources and members since it was formed in a rush compared to the other Special Fire Force Companies. While having the same task as the other branches, Company 8’s has an additional mission in the observation of the other companies in case any of them are hiding vital information from the entire organization for personal reasons.

Shinra Kusakabe
Shinra is a Second Class Fire Soldier who joined the Special Fire Force Company 8 to achieve his goal to save people and is determined to find out the cause of his family’s death twelve years earlier. As a third generation case of Spontaneous Human Combustion, his Ignition Ability, nicknamed the Devil’s Footprints, allows him to generate and unleash powerful continuous bursts of flames from his feet which in turn grants him the ability to fly in the air, augmenting the power of his kicks, and high-speed movements. His powers are further enhanced when the Adolla Burst awakened within him, able to move at the speed of light while momentarily dissolving his body, thus being revealed as the Fourth of the Eight Pillars that the Evangelist seeks and making him a fourth generation as well. With further training Shinra learns to create a fast and sharply focused blast of fire with his fingers. He calls the blast “Shinrabansho” using a combination of his name (Shin), man (ban) and his brother’s name (Sho). Shinra also suffers from a condition known as nervous laughter, which caused him to grin during tense or fearful situations which in turn makes him look menacing, although he learns to control it.
Akitaru Ōbi
Battalion Captain of Company 8, he is a role-model firefighter and despite being one of its non-powered members, he is at peak human condition and more than willing to get up close and personal with Infernals while battling them, even physically grappling with them at times despite the high risk to himself. Normally calm and cheerful, he can turn furious in an instant should he encounter someone toying with human life. He is also well aware that “putting to rest” Infernals was just a better alternative for the word “killing”, thus he warns the younger members of Company 8 never to display their weapons in public, especially when an Infernal’s next of kin is around.
Takehisa Hinawa
Company 8 Lieutenant and a second generation who manipulates his flames through the use of his firearms, controlling the power, speed and trajectory of the bullets he fires to the point where he can turn the damage output of a normal bullet into that of a tank shell. An extremely intimidating character, he is stoic, strict and blunt with his words, but does care for his allies as shown with his interactions with Shinra after the latter reveals his younger brother’s role within the enemy group and is surprisingly a good cook. During his time in the Tokyo Army, he encountered Maki, whom he would later recruit into Fire Force Company 8 after leaving the military, and witnessed the death of his best friend who had suddenly transformed into an Infernal.
Maki Oze
A second generation who was a member of the Tokyo army before joining the Special Fire Force to better help others. While an experienced combatant, Maki uses her second generation powers to create living fireballs which also use to power her Iron Owl projectile weapons. Apart from that, she is also able to control flames from a long distance, allowing her to extinguish, absorb or force away any form of fire. While she has a gentle demeanor, she snaps when someone comments on her being un-feminine, due to her muscular physique (she will commonly delude herself into thinking she was called an ogre or gorilla) and will become very aggressive.
One of the two surviving nuns of St. Raffles Convent fire, Iris is a follower of the Holy Sol Temple who joined Company 8 as a medic and is one of its non-powered members. She is adamant in her faith and usually gives prayers to dying Infernals as her way of easing their last moments of suffering. She is also trained in basic first aid. Iris is later revealed to be a subject in Sister Sumire’s experiments involving the Doppelgänger-type Infernals, becoming the Eighth Pillar as a result.
Arthur Boyle
Arthur is an oblivious third generation with delusions of being a king, abandoned by his parents who left to travel the world after their small restaurant burned to the ground. An exceptionally strong Fire Soldier, Arthur’s Ignition Ability relies on his delusions, which allows him to fabricate and control plasma which he uses in the formation of his sword Excalibur, allowing him to cut, weld and manipulate electricity. The more detached he is from reality, the more powerful he become. He and Shinra developed a bitter rivalry back in their training days, which did not disappear even after both joined the same company although the rivalry has since toned down to a more friendly one. He is based on the fictional character of the same name that has everything he has, except that his Excalibur is similar to a lightsaber.
Tamaki Kotatsu
Formerly a Fire Soldier and sister of Company 1 until her being an unwitting accessory to Rekka Hoshimiya’s crimes got her transferred to Company 8 following her suspension, Tamaki is a third generation whose Ignition Ability, nicknamed “Nekomata”, generates pink flames around her in the shape of cat features which she can use for close-range combat or as a signal flare. She has feelings for Shinra after the latter saved her from Rekka. She is cursed to be involved in uncomfortable situations to which she calls “Lucky Lecher Lure Syndrome”, which serves as a running gag in the series.
Victor Licht
Originally Haijima Industries’ Head of Incendiary Research before being assigned a position in Company 8 due to a government order, Victor is a mad scientist obsessed with the Adolla Burst. He is also an associate of Joker’s. While morally ambiguous at best, his selfish intentions does not deter him from helping his new comrades.
Vulcan Joseph
An engineer famously known as the God of Fire and Smithing, his family having a bitter history with Haijima Industries as the company stole their plans for the power generator Amaterasu which worsened by his grandfather’s apprentice Dr. Giovanni working for the company around his grandfather and father mysteriously became Infernals. Vulcan originally wanted nothing to do with the Fire Force, turning down Giovanni’s numerous recruitment attempts. It was only after Giovanni stole the Key to Amaterasu which his family guarded for ages that Vulcan breaks his vow and becomes Fire Force Company 8’s mechanic to protect his new family and find Lisa.
Lisa Isaribe
Previously an Ashen Flame member under Dr. Giovanni who was code-named Feeler, relating to her ability as a Third Generation pyrokinetic to manifest tentacles for various purposes. Traumatized from watching her parents killed by an Infernal, her powers awakened by an Infernal Bug, she created the Lisa Isaribe identity to infiltrate Vulcan’s home and find the Key to Amaterasu before exposing herself after her superior decided to get the item personally. Lisa resumed her Ashen Knight duties until Company 8 ventures into the Netherworld, used by Giovanni as a hostage before abandoning her. She joins the Fire Force soon after.

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