Manga Monday- Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Manga Monday- Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun is a Japanese manga series by Iro Aida. It has been serialized in Square Enix’s shōnen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy since 2014. It has been collected in fifteen (and ongoing) tankōbon volumes. The manga is licensed in North America by Yen Press. An anime television series adaptation by Lerche aired from January to March 2020.


Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun is written and illustrated by Iro Aida. The series started in the July 2014 issue of Square Enix’s Monthly GFantasy, published on June 18, 2014. Square Enix has compiled its chapters into individual tankōbon volumes. The first volume was published on May 22, 2015. As of January 8, 2021, fifteen volumes have been published.

In North America, Yen Press announced in July 2017 that they would publish the manga digitally. In July 2019, Yen Press announced the print release of the series.


An anime television series adaptation was announced in the April issue of Monthly GFantasy magazine on March 18, 2019. The series is animated by Lerche and directed by Masaomi Andō, with Yasuhiro Nakanishi handling series composition, and Mayuka Itou designing the characters. Hiroshi Takaki is composing the music. It premiered from January 9, 2020 to March 26, 2020 on TBS, SUN, CBC, and BS-TBS. Chibaku Shōnen Band performed the series’ opening theme song “No.7”, while Akari Kitō performed the series’ ending theme song “Tiny Light.” The series has run for 12 episodes. Funimation has licensed the series for a simuldub.


Kamome Academy is famous for its rumors regarding its Seven Wonders and supernatural occurrences. Nene Yashiro, a first-year high-school student who loves the occult and wishes for a boyfriend, summons the Seventh and most famous Wonder, “Hanako-san of the Toilet”, a girl who allegedly haunts the bathroom and can grant wishes for the right price. Upon summoning her, Yashiro discovers that “Hanako-san” is nothing like the rumors say; Hanako is a boy. With a turn of events, she is spiritually bound to Hanako and becomes his assistant, helping him destroy evil supernaturals and change rumors in order to maintain the balance between the spirit world and the human world. Along the way, Yashiro learns about her connection to the spirit world and the dark secrets regarding Hanako and his past.


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