Film Friday- Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Film Friday- Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun is a Japanese manga series by Iro Aida. It has been serialized in Square Enix’s shōnen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy since 2014. It has been collected in fifteen (and ongoing) tankōbon volumes. The manga is licensed in North America by Yen Press. An anime television series adaptation by Lerche aired from January to March 2020.







Nene Yashiro 
is a first year high school student at Kamome Academy. She summons Hanako and wishes for her crush, Teru Minamoto, to return her feelings. A turn of events again, Hanako swallows a scale from the same mermaid to inflict himself with her curse and spread its effects, permitting Yashiro to remain human unless she is immersed in water. Having bound their souls together through the curse, he has Yashiro become his human assistant as payment. Yashiro works with Hanako to change and spread new rumors of supernaturals in the school to keep them under control. She is capable of destroying a School Wonder’s yorishiro, their source of power; upon doing so, she falls asleep and views the memory associated with the yorishiro.
Yashiro’s best friend is Aoi Akane, who loves to tell her new rumors. She wears two hair clips resembling magatama and a skull brooch on her school uniform. Yashiro is a very positive, sensitive, and caring girl. She is deeply insecure and genuinely fears that no one will ever love her back; after receiving the curse, she confesses to Hanako that she had realized what her true wish had been: she wanted someone, anyone, to return her feelings, not Teru specifically. Yashiro is insecure about her large ankles, often being compared to daikons as a running gag in the series.
Despite repeatedly claiming Hanako is not her type and Hanako’s relentless teasing, she cares immensely for Hanako and after learning about his past, wants to be able to protect him. She is intuitive and sensitive to changes in his personality, and is deeply affected whenever she learns new information about his past life.
The most famous rumor in the school, Hanako-kun is the Seventh Wonder of Kamome Academy. According to his rumor, Hanako can be summoned if one knocks on the third stall of the third floor of the girl’s bathroom in the old school building; he is able to grant wishes to those who summon him in exchange for a suitable price. The strongest and the leader of the Seven Wonders, Hanako fights with a kitchen knife and his two haku-joudai, spirit orbs that assist him in monitoring others and granting him immunity to exorcism lightning. His duty is to monitor all apparitions in the school and maintain the balance between humans and apparitions.
Though childish and mischievous, Hanako puts up a front to mask his true emotions and is rather serious beneath the surface. He takes his duties seriously, having been promised by God that he would be absolved of his past sins if he fulfilled his duties. He is secretive about his past life. Previously, his name was Amane Yugi and he also attended Kamome Academy. A second-year middle school student in 1969, he often came to school with bruises and cuts, having been repeatedly abused by someone he refused to reveal the identity of. He harbored a deep passion for astronomy and had dreams of becoming an astronaut and going to the moon. According to Tsuchigomori, the Fifth Wonder and his homeroom teacher at the time, Hanako was destined to become a science teacher, until his fate changed for unknown reasons. He killed his younger twin brother, Tsukasa Yugi, and died young. Hanako is the only known person to ever have altered his fate.
By inflicting himself with the Mermaid’s Curse, he bound his and Yashiro’s souls together. Though he often teases her, Hanako comes to deeply cherish Yashiro and will go to extreme lengths to help her when she is in need.
Kou Minamoto
is a third-year at Kamome Academy’s middle school division and the second eldest son of the Minamoto Clan, a family of strong exorcists that believe all supernaturals are inherently evil. He uses a spear called the Raiteijou, a weapon passed down in the Minamoto family that transforms the wielder’s spiritual power into lightning that exorcises supernaturals. Tasked by his older brother, Teru, to exorcise all Seven Wonders, Kou attempts to exorcise Hanako but does not possess enough spiritual power to do so. Not giving up, he tags Hanako and Yashiro around the school for a while and comes to the realization that Hanako did not seem to be an ‘evil’ supernatural. As a result, Kou vows to learn more about him and other supernaturals (like Mitsuba) before blindly exorcising them, much to the dissatisfaction of his brother.
When Kou finds Mitsuba haunting the lockers, he offers to spend the day with him in attempt to fulfill his final regrets so he can pass on peacefully. The two were in the same homeroom class in first year and Kou feels guilty for not remembering. After Tsukasa turns Mitsuba into a violent supernatural against his will, Kou watches Hanako destroy Mistuba and is devastated by the loss of his friend. Enraged and upset, he vows to get stronger to destroy evil supernaturals like Tsukasa.
Kou is a seeker of justice with a brave and kind personality, though he often finds himself in trouble due to his inexperience and low spiritual power. He is protective of Yashiro when he interprets Hanako as being mean or perverted. A running gag in the series is his earring on his right ear, an omamori that says traffic.
Sōsuke Mitsuba
was Kou’s middle school classmate in their first year who was killed in a freak accident. He became a ghost and haunted the middle school lockers, calling out to students and hoping someone would remember him. Kou sees him after hearing about his rumor and though he doesn’t remember him from school, decides to help him fulfill whatever regret was keeping him at the school in order to help him pass on.
Mitsuba regrets having no friends while he was alive, and in his wish to Tsukasa, said he wanted everyone to remember him. Because Tsukasa believed his initial wish was too vague, he decides that Mitsuba’s real wish was that he wanted to stay with his friends forever. He grants him this wish instead and changes Mitsuba’s rumor, turning him into a violent supernatural against his will. Tsukasa forces Mitsuba to kill Kou and fulfill his wish of being with his friend forever (through death), but Hanako arrives and destroys Mitsuba before he can do so. Tsukasa saves a part of his soul and recreates a new Mitsuba by attaching it to a body formed of low level spirits he had killed. After killing No. 3, Tsukasa forces the new Mitsuba to eat No. 3’s heart to become the new Third Mystery. Despite not being the original and having no memories, the new Mitsuba has the same personality and dreams of the old one, now wishing to become a real human.
Previously, Mitsuba didn’t have friends because he was narcissistic and rude. Hoping to change in middle school, he repressed his personality, but then became bland and easily forgotten. He was a talented and awarded photographer in the school’s photography club. Mitsuba makes up insulting nicknames for people; he calls Kou ‘hella lame traffic safety earring’, Yashiro ‘daikon-senpai’, and Hanako ‘crazy knife’. However, underneath his rudeness and narcissism, Mitsuba is desperate to be happy and becomes dejected when he thinks about his failures in his original life.


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