Film Friday- Restaurant to Another World

Film Friday- Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to Another World is a Japanese light novel series written by Junpei Inuzuka, with illustrations by Katsumi Enami. Shufunotomo released five volumes of the series. An anime television series adaptation by Silver Link aired from July 3 to September 18, 2017. A second season has been announced.

Main Staff

The owner of the Western Restaurant Nekoya. A single man in his middle age, he is the grandchild of a couple who opened the restaurant, and inherited it when his grandfather died 10 years ago. An outstanding culinary master, he enjoys cooking for the eclectic group of patrons that visit every Saturday. Resulting from the mingling of so many diverse beings within one space, the restaurant has become a neutral region, since none of the guests — whatever their personal differences — want to miss out on the Master’s cuisine. His grandmother, Koyomi (also known as Yomi, a heroine from the other world) entrusted him with the key to the door; should he decide to close the door between both worlds, he is told that he must break the key.
A demon girl hailing from the Demon Kingdom on the other world’s Eastern Continent. When the Demon God was vanquished by the legendary Four Heroes, the power he had once bestowed upon his demonic subjects waned, and as a result Aletta was born no different from humans except for the goat horns on her head. Rejected by the human world and ending up a vagrant, she discovered the Nekoya’s interdimensional entrance and began working every Saturday as a waitress; she is well-paid beyond a typical salary in her world as the Master has no need of its currency. She later finds additional work as Sarah Gold’s housekeeper.
One of the other world’s six ancient dragons imbued with death, a power which inadvertently killed every mortal being that happened to cross her path. To avoid killing innocents, she banished herself to the world’s shattered moon. By chance, she found the door of the Nekoya appearing in her vicinity, entered the restaurant and, naive to human customs owing to her long isolation, ended up consuming so much chicken curry that her old friend, the “Red Queen”, prompted the Master to hire her as a waitress to pay off her food bill. To interact with the staff and patrons, “Kuro” adopts the form of a black-haired elf girl, but usually communicates via telepathy instead of speaking aloud. Later, she was taught how to speak vocally to prevent others from freaking out. She unofficially serves as the restaurant’s guardian, should a situation escalate. Of the diners, only Altorius and Alexander are aware of her true identity.
Daiki Yamagata
The now-deceased previous owner of the Nekoya and the current Master’s grandfather. He is shown in flashbacks when the Master reflects upon the older customers who became his grandfather’s regulars. He gave the restaurant to Master, who was also his apprentice. He met Koyomi near the end of (or just after) World War II; Yomi would serve as a waitress, and the two eventually fell in love.



A female warrior from the other world, and a member of the legendary Four Heroes. During their battle with the Demon God over seventy years ago, she fell through an interdimensional wormhole and wound up on Earth, where she married the Master’s grandfather and ran the Nekoya with him. Initially, only Altorius, one of her comrades, knew about this secret. According to him, she is still alive on Earth despite her advanced age and visits her grandson from time to time. Furthermore, its implied she retains some of her magical ability. She holds the key to permanently stop doors to warp and a fail-safe, but decided to entrust it to her grandson, seeing what progress the restaurant has become; should her grandson decide to close the door, he must break the key.


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