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Wednesday News- April 24, 2019

Wednesday News- April 24, 2019

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Manga Monday- Karneval

Manga Monday- Karneval

Karneval is a Japanese manga series by Tōya Mikanagi which originally started serialization in the monthly Josei Manga magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum published by Ichijinsha on August 28, 2007. There are currently twenty-one volumes released in Japan. A 13-episode anime adaptation by Manglobe aired between April and June 2013. On August 22, 2014, North American manga publisher Yen Press announced the license of the manga, with the first volume to be published on March 24, 2015. Yen Press is releasing Karneval volumes in a 2-in-1 omnibus format.


Nai searches for someone important to him, with only an abandoned bracelet as a clue. Gareki steals and pick-pockets to get by from day to day. The two meet in a strange mansion where they are set up, and soon become wanted criminals by military security operatives. When Nai and Gareki find themselves desperate in a hopeless predicament, they encounter none other than the country’s most powerful defense organization, “Circus”.


Main characters

is the main protagonist of the story. He claims to have always been living with a man named Karoku in a forest near Karasuna. When Karoku does not appear one day, Nai ventures outside and finds a trail of blood leading from their home to the sea, and a left-behind bracelet (Circus I.D.). Feeling scared and lonely, he sets out to try finding Karoku with only the abandoned bracelet as a clue. He eventually meets Gareki, who saves Nai from a mansion where a Varuga woman named Mine was keeping him captive. This marks the beginning of their travel together. Despite his unworldly ways, he has an acute sense of hearing that is more well-developed compared to other people’s. Akari, a research doctor at Circus reveals that Nai has the cellular structure of a human and a “niji”, a small, delicate creature found in the forest he came from, and that these cells have managed to coexist unlike the Varuga. He also said that Nai is successfully existing as a new species and that if they were to describe the person who accomplished this, they would certainly be called a genius and that to produce a being like Nai, the creator must have been very devoted.
A 15-year-old boy who gets money by robbing rich people’s mansions. He’s very intelligent and sharp, his strong point being his knowledge of mechanics. He is also a skilled shooter and likes to carry around a gun. Gareki distrusts people and isn’t very sociable, stating that he hates associating with others. However, despite his arrogant and distant attitude, he does have a more caring side that he doesn’t like showing, seeming to have a soft spot for his friends on the second ship and Nai. He originally thought to use Nai for his robbing schemes but later joins him to find Karoku. When Nai tells Gareki about Karoku knowing that they were together, Gareki realizes that Karoku wants to keep him away from Nai. Gareki works with the Circus organization to help defeat Kafta and Varuga, who killed Tsubaki and Yokata.

Manga Monday- Children of the Whales

Manga Monday- Children of the Whales

Children of the Whales is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Abi Umeda. The manga is licensed in North America by Viz Media. An anime television series adaptation by J.C. Staff aired in Japan from October to December 2017, and was released globally on Netflix in March 2018.

Abi Umeda launched the series in the July 2013 issue of Akita Shoten’s shōjo manga magazine Monthly Mystery Bonita on June 6, 2013. The series has been collected into 13 volumes as of October 2018. Viz Media announced during their panel at Anime Boston 2017 that they have licensed the manga.


The story focuses on a boy called Chakuro, who lives on a giant vessel called a Mud Whale that drifts over the sea of sand. In the Mud Whale, society is divided into two kinds of people: the Marked, who can move objects with their minds using a strange power called “thymia”, at the expense of shortened lifespans, and the Unmarked, people who lack thymia but enjoy longer lifespans. Chakuro and his friends have never seen anyone from the outside world, and they spend their days yearning to explore and learn about it. In year 93 of the vessel’s exile, the Mud Whale encounters a lonely island and Chakuro finds a girl inside, starting an adventure that changes the lives of everyone.


Thursday News- April 11, 2019

Thursday News- April 11, 2019

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Shelf Life: Galaxy Express 999: The movie


  • Black Clover Season 1 Part 4 BD/DVD
  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Set 1 BD
  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Set 1 DVD
  • Is It Wrong to Expect a Hot Spring in a Dungeon? BD
  • Mirai BD/DVD
  • Mirai DVD
  • Pokémon – Diamond and Pearl 4-Movie Collection BD
  • Pokémon – Diamond and Pearl 4-Movie Collection DVD
  • Princess Resurrection Complete Collection BD
  • Sky Wizards Academy Essential BD
  • Sword of the Stranger Essentials BD


  • Attack on Titan Graphic Novel (GN) 27
  • Case Closed GN 70
  • Crocodile Baron GN 3 (Digital Only)
  • Disney Pirates of the Caribbean: The Adventures of Jack Sparrow GN
  • Fire-Hot Aunt GN 8 (Digital Only)
  • Grand Blue Dreaming GN 5
  • I’m Standing on a Million Lives GN 6 (Digital Only)
  • Kitaro’s Yokai Battles GN
  • Knights of Sidonia Master Edition GN 1
  • Land of the Lustrous GN 8
  • Love Massage: Melting Beauty Treatment GN 2 (Digital Only)
  • Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic GN 35
  • My Pink Is Overflowing GN 1 (Digital Only)
  • My Sweet Girl GN 2 (Digital Only)
  • O Maidens in Your Savage Season GN 1 (Digital Only)
  • Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle GN 6
  • Space Battleship Yamato The Classic Collection GN (hardcover)
  • Tokyo Tarareba Girls GN 6
  • Witch Hat Atelier GN 1
  • World’s Greatest First Love GN 12


  • Battle Divas: The Unshakable Winter Blossom Princess Novel 2 (Digital Only)
  • Cooking with Wild Game Novel 2 (Digital Only)
  • Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Novel 6 (Digital Only)
  • NieR: Automata Short Story Long Novel
  • Neo Atlas 1469 Nintendo Switch game
  • Seirei Gensouki – Spirit Chronicles Novel 4 (Digital Only)
  • Strongest Gamer – Let’s Play in Another World Novel 2 (Digital Only)



Thursday Special- One Piece

Thursday Special- One Piece

Straw Hat Pirates

Jolly roger of the Straw Hat Pirates

The protagonists of the One Piece series are all the members of the Straw Hat Pirates (麦わらの一味 Mugiwara no Ichimi), a crew of nine pirates captained by Monkey D. Luffy. The crew’s number increases throughout the series, as Luffy recruits new members. Once Usopp joins the Straw Hat Pirates, they gain their own ship, the Going Merry, which is later destroyed and replaced by a larger and more powerful vessel, the Thousand Sunny created by their shipwright Franky. Two years later, the Straw Hats gain a new fleet, called the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, consisting of 5,640 pirates from seven different crews; Luffy objects to the idea of being a fleet commander, and organizes his new army in a way that they may act independently, but when one crew is in trouble, the others must do what they can to help them.

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy is the primary protagonist of the One Piece series. At age seven, he admires and tries to join the pirates of the “Red Haired” Shanks. Ridiculed and rejected, he inadvertently eats their treasure, the Paramecia-type Gum-Gum Fruit, which gives his body the properties of rubber. His reckless efforts ultimately lead him into grave peril causing Shanks to lose an arm while rescuing him. After this, Luffy gives up on joining Shanks, resolving instead to start a crew of his own and become King of the Pirates. Displeased by Shanks spoiling his grandson, Garp takes Luffy to be raised by Curly Dadan and her mountain bandits, who he strong-arms into taking him in. During Luffy’s time there, he becomes a sworn brother with Garp’s other ward Ace, and local runaway noble Sabo. Ten years later, and still wearing Shanks’ treasured head covering, Luffy forms and captains his own pirate crew called The Straw Hat Pirates and sets sail for the Grand Line, quickly gaining infamy as “Straw Hat” Luffy. Eventually, after his strength proves insufficient to save Ace from execution, he spends two years on a secluded island, before entering in the New World, learning the use of the three colors of Haki as well as Gear Fourth from Silvers Rayleigh, before heading to the New World.

Roronoa Zoro

is a swordsman who uses up to three swords simultaneously, holding one in each hand and a third in his mouth. To fulfill a promise to Kuina, his deceased childhood rival, he aims to replace “Hawk Eye” Mihawk as the world’s greatest swordsman.Traveling the seas in search of Mihawk and making a living as a bounty hunter, he becomes infamously known as “Pirate Hunter” Zoro. Eventually, he comes into conflict with Helmeppo. To prevent the harm of innocent civilians, Zoro allows himself to be incarcerated temporarily, while Helmeppo plots to have him killed. Zoro is saved from execution by Luffy in exchange for becoming his first crewman. At that point, Zoro makes it clear that he would turn on his captain if he ever stepped between him and his dream. However, Zoro grows fond of his crew and after several defeats in their defense, his priorities change and he convinces Mihawk to take him on as a student.



Adopted and raised by navy seaman turned tangerine farmer Bellemere, Nami and her older sister Nojiko witness their mother being murdered by the infamous Arlong, whose pirate gang occupies their island and extracts tribute from the population. Striking a deal with him, Nami, still a child, but already an accomplished cartographer who dreams of drawing a complete map of the world, joins the pirates, hoping to buy freedom for her village eventually. Growing up as a pirate-hating pirate, drawing maps for Arlong, and stealing treasure from other pirates, Nami becomes an excellent burglar, pickpocket, and navigator with an exceptional ability to forecast weather. After Arlong betrays her, and he and his gang are defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami joins them in pursuit of her dream and acquires infamy herself as “Cat Burglar” Nami.


During his early childhood, Usopp is abandoned by his father, Yasopp, who leaves to join the Red-Haired Pirates. Then, as Banchina, his mother, falls ill, Usopp starts telling tall tales, expressing his hope that his father will return and take them out to sea. Even after his mother dies, Usopp does not blame his father for leaving. Despite his cowardly disposition, he strives to become a great pirate himself. He is a gifted inventor, painter, and sculptor. In combat, he relies primarily on slingshots to fire various kinds of ammunition with great precision in coordination with a set of lies and different other weapons giving him a unique fighting style named “The Usopp Arsenal”. To help the Straw Hats rescue Nico Robin, he achieves notoriety under his alter-ego “Sniper King, the King of Snipers”, a hero sniper wearing a golden mask and cape. Eventually, after helping the Straw Hats liberate Dressrosa from Don Quixote Doflamingo’s rule, he becomes infamous as “God” Usopp

Vinsmoke Sanji

Once a prince of Germa Kingdom, Vinsmoke Sanji was routinely picked on by his genetically enhanced siblings and was locked away by his father Judge for being a disgrace. With help from his sister, he escaped and fled the kingdom after it entered the East Blue and his father permitted it.

While serving as an apprentice cook on a passenger ship, nine-year-old Sanji stands up to a boarding party of pirates led by the infamous “Red Foot” Zeff. During the encounter, Sanji is swept into the sea by a massive wave. Zeff jumps in after him because of their common dream of finding the All Blue, a legendary sea, containing every kind of fish in the world. While castaways together, the pirate saves Sanji’s life yet again by giving him all of their food. After their eventual rescue, Sanji stays with Zeff for several years and helps him build a floating restaurant, the Baratie . Zeff in turn makes him a first-rate cook and teaches him his kick-based fighting style.Mirroring Zeff, Sanji will never refuse a starving person a meal, and when fighting only uses his legs, to protect the hands he needs to cook. He also develops an unusual weakness for women, and makes it a principle never to harm one, even if it means his death. Eventually, he becomes infamous under the name of “Black Leg” Sanji,and, while training for a period of two years in Emporio Ivankov’s Kamabakka Queendom, develops the Sky Walk, a variant of the Six Powers technique Moonwalk , which allows him to essentially run through air.

Tony Tony Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper is a doctor and a blue-nosed reindeer. The power of the Zoan-type Human-Human Fruit  provides him with the ability to transform into a full sized reindeer or a reindeer-human hybrid. A self-developed drug he calls Rumble Ball  enables him to perform even more transformations. When complimented, Chopper acts really sad and sometimes yells at the animal who complimented him to stop trying to make him happy.[ A running gag within the series is when other characters mistake him as a Tanuki, and he angrily corrects them, pointing out his is a Tonakai.

Nico Robin

Being raised in Ohara, home of the world’s oldest and largest library, Nico Robin becomes an archaeologist at the age of eight. At some point she gains the power of the Paramecia-type Flower-Flower Fruit, which allows her to have temporary copies of parts of her body, including her eyes and ears, which spring up on surfaces near her. Behind her teachers’ backs she acquires from them the outlawed knowledge of how to translate the ancient stones called Ponegliffs, which are scattered around the world. She comes to share their goal of finding the illusive Real Ponegliff, which is said to tell the world’s lost history. However, the World Government finds out about these efforts and sends a battlefleet to stop them. Only Robin escapes the devastating attack that claims the lives of the island’s entire population, including that of her mother. Called “Devil Child”, traumatized, and with a bounty on her head, Robin lives a life on the run, unable to trust anyone. To survive, she cooperates with various pirates and other outlaws, until eventually joining forces with Sir Crocodile, leading Baroque Works with him, using the codename “Ms. All-Sunday”. and becoming their vice-president. After Baroque Works falls apart, with nowhere else to go, she tags along with the Straw Hat Pirates and grows so fond of them that she gives herself up to the Government in order to save them. Only after they discover her motives, and declare open war on her powerful nemesis to get her back, does she come to realize that she has finally found people who will never sell her out, and becomes a part of the crew. After the two-year period where the Straw Hats be separated, Robin further hones her Devil Fruit powers to the point she can create a full-bodied duplicate of herself.


The son of pirate parents who abandon him at age nine, Cutty Flam, nicknamed Franky, is taken in as an apprentice by a shipwright who secretly holds the plans for a devastating ancient weapon. Franky’s recklessness eventually provides an opportunity for World Government agents seeking these plans. Attempting to rescue his master, Franky suffers severe injuries and only survives by rebuilding parts of his body using pieces of scrap metal, turning himself into a cola-powered cyborg with super-human strength. After gaining notoriety as “Cyborg” Franky, and to fulfill his dream of sailing a ship he built around the world, he constructs the Thousand Sunny, a brigantine-rigged sloop-of-war, for the Straw Hat Pirates and joins the crew.


Already a pirate before the time of Roger, “Humming” Brook first enters the Grand Line as vice-captain of the music-themed Rumbar Pirates. Leaving their pet, the infant whale Laboon at Reverse Mountain, they promise to return after sailing around the world. Instead, they are annihilated, with one exception. The power of the Paramecia-type Revive-Revive Fruit allows “Dead Bones” Brook to rise again and live a second life as a skeleton. Fifty years later, Brook’s goal is still to fulfill his late crew’s promise, and to that end he joins the Straw Hat Pirates. He is an excellent musician, who says that he can play any instrument, although he is usually seen playing the violin. He can even influence people with his music to the point of making them fall asleep. While separated from the other Straw Hats, and incognito as “Soul King” Brook, he gains world fame, filling concert halls with fans.He is also a skilled fencer who uses a shikomizue (a Japanese cane sword) in battle. His reduced weight allows him to jump extraordinarily high and to run across water. Eventually, he learns how to use his devil fruit ability to leave his skeleton body and explore his surroundings as a disembodied soul.

The idea of a skeleton musician was first conceived by Oda in 2000, about the time of Laboon’s introduction and more than half a decade before the first appearance of Brook.


is a yakuza-esque whale shark fishman.A master of Fishman Karate, he is capable of manipulating water as if it were a tangible cloth, an ability more usually associated with merfolk.Jimbei can communicate with fish and enlist the help of whale sharks. After growing up in a rough part of Fishman Island, Jimbei first joins the island’s royal army and later the Sun Pirates; he becomes captain following the death of Fisher Tiger. In exchange for the World Government granting him Warlord-status, Jinbe eventually disbands the crew. He resigns the position to side against the Government during its war with the Whitebeard Pirates, the protectors of Fishman Island. Two years later, he turns down an invitation to join the Straw Hat Pirates, stating that he needs to take care of unfinished business before joining them. After cutting ties with Big Mom, he eventually joins the Straw Hat Pirates as the crew’s helmsman, although they are separated when he goes to help his old crew, escape from Big Mom.


Manga Monday- One Piece

Manga Monday- One Piece


One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997, and has been collected into 92 tankōbon volumes. The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy whose body gained the properties of rubber after unintentionally eating a Devil Fruit. With his crew of pirates, named the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy explores the Grand Line in search of the world’s ultimate treasure known as “One Piece” in order to become the next Pirate King. One Piece has received praise for its storytelling, art, characterization, and humor. Several volumes of the manga have broken publishing records, including the highest initial print run of any book in Japan. The official website for Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga announced that the manga has set a Guinness World Record for “the most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author”. As of March 2019, the manga has sold over 450 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling manga series in history. It became the best-selling manga for the eleventh consecutive year in 2018. One Piece is one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time, estimated to have generated over $20 billion in total franchise revenue, from the manga, anime, films, games and merchandise.


Written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece has been serialized in the manga anthology Weekly Shōnen Jump since July 22, 1997. The chapters have been collected into tankōbon volumes by Shueisha since December 24, 1997. In total, there are 938 chapters and 92 tankōbon volumes. Oda teamed up with Akira Toriyama to create a single crossover of One Piece and Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. Entitled Cross Epoch, the one-shot was published in the December 25, 2006, issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump and the April 2011 issue of the English Shonen Jump. Oda collaborated with Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro, author of Toriko, for a crossover one-shot of their series titled Taste of the Devil Fruit, which ran in the April 4, 2011, issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump. The spinoff series One Piece Party, written by Ei Andō in a super deformed art style, began serialization in the January 2015 issue of Saikyō Jump.

The One Piece manga was licensed for an English language release by Viz Media, who published it via chapters in the manga anthology Shonen Jump, since the magazine’s launch in November 2002, and in bound volumes since June 30, 2003. In 2009, Viz announced the release of five volumes per month during the first half of 2010 to catch up with the serialization in Japan. Following the discontinuation of the print Shonen Jump, Viz began releasing One Piece chapterwise in its digital successor Weekly Shonen Jump on January 30, 2012. In the United Kingdom, the volumes were published by Gollancz Manga, starting in March 2006, until Viz Media took it over after the fourteenth volume. In Australia and New Zealand, the English volumes have been distributed by Madman Entertainment since November 10, 2008.

In Poland, Japonica Polonica Fantastica is publishing the manga, Glénat in France, Panini Comics in Mexico, LARP Editores and later by Ivrea in Argentina, Planeta de Libros in Spain, and Edizioni Star Comics in Italy.

The One Piece manga was a finalist for the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize three times in a row from 2000 to 2002, with the highest number of fan nominations in the first two years. The German translation of its 44th volume won the Sondermann audience award in the international manga category, a yearly comic award given in seven categories by the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Frankfurter Rundschau, Spiegel Online and Comicforum, at the Fair’s Comics Centre in 2005. In a 2008 poll by Oricon, Japanese teenagers voted it the most interesting manga. The manga was nominated for Favorite Manga Series in Nickelodeon Magazines 2009 Comics Awards. In 2012, One Piece won the 41st Japan Cartoonists Association Award Grand Prize, alongside Kimuchi Yokoyama’s Nekodarake Nice. Da Vinci magazine named One Piece number three on their list of 2013’s top manga, which was voted on 4,619 professional book reviewers, bookstore employees, and Da Vinci readers. On June 15, 2015, it was announced that Eiichiro Oda and One Piece had set the Guinness World Record for “The most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author” with 320,866,000 copies printed worldwide as of December 2014.



One Piece is the best-selling manga series in history; it sold 100 million collected tankōbon volumes by February 2005, and over 200 million by February 2011, before selling over 365 million copies sold in Japan and 440 million copies worldwide as of May 2018. According to Oricon, One Piece has been the best-selling manga series every year since 2008 when the company began its manga chart, and it became the best-selling manga for the tenth consecutive year in 2017. Due to promotions for the Strong World film, all 56 volumes of the manga released at the time charted on Oricon’s list of the top 200 manga for the week of December 7–13, 2009. Up until February 2012, One Piece had grossed at least ¥112,126,800,000 ($1,404,220,000) in manga tankōbon sales revenue.

Additionally, individual volumes of One Piece have broken publishing and sales records in Japan. In 2009, Volume 56 had the highest initial print run of any manga: 2.85 million copies. Volume 57’s print run of 3 million copies in 2010 was the highest first print for any book of any subject in Japan—a record that was broken several times by subsequent volumes and currently held by Volume 67’s 4.05 million initial printing in 2012. Volume 60 was the first book to sell over two million copies in its opening week on Oricon book rankings, and later became the first book to sell over three million copies since the chart began in 2008.

One Piece has also sold well in North America, charting on Publishers Weeklys list of bestselling comics for April/May 2007 and numerous times on The New York Times Manga Best Seller list. On ICv2s list of Top 25 Manga Properties Fall 2008 for North America, which is compiled by interviews with retailers and distributors, Nielsen BookScan’s Top 20 Lists of graphic novels and ICv2s own analysis of information provided by Diamond Comic Distributors, One Piece came in 15th place. It rose to second place on their Top 25 Manga Properties Q3 2010 list.

Life-size reproductions of the main characters’ two pirate ships: the Going Merry (left) and the Thousand Sunny (right)

Allen Divers of Anime News Network comments in 2003 that the art style One Piece employs “initially seems very cartoonish with much of the character designs showing more North American influence than that from its Japanese origins”. Adding that the “artwork and settings come across as timeless in their presentation”. He also notes that the influence of Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball) shines through in Oda’s style of writing with its “huge epic battles punctuated by a lot of humor” and that, in One Piece, he “manages to share a rich tale without getting bogged down by overly complicated plots”. Rebecca Silverman of the same site stated that one of the series’ strengths is to “blend action, humor, and heavy fare together” and praised the art, but stated that the panels could get too crowded for easy reading. The website active Anime describes the artwork in One Piece as “wonderfully quirky and full of expression”. Splashcomics comments that Oda’s “pleasantly bright and dynamic”art style suits the story’s “funny and exciting” atmosphere.

EX Media lauds Oda’s art for its “crispy” monochrome pictures, “great use of subtle shade changes” on color pages, “sometimes exquisite” use of angles, and for its consistency. Shaenon K. Garrity, who at some point edited the series for English Shonen Jump, said that, while doing so, her amazement over Oda’s craft grew steadily. She states that “he has a natural, playful mastery of the often restrictive weekly-manga format,” notes that “interesting things [are] going on deep in the narrative structure,” and recommends “sticking through to the later volumes to see just how crazy and Peter Max-y the art gets”. Mania Entertainment writer Jarred Pine comments that “One Piece is a fun adventure story, with an ensemble cast that is continuing to develop, with great action and character drama.” He praised Oda’s artwork as “imaginative and creative” and comments that “Oda’s imagination just oozes all of the panels “. He also notes that “Oda’s panel work […] features a lot of interesting perspectives and direction, especially during the explosive action sequences which are always a blast,” though he complains that the panels can sometimes get “a little chaotic”.


Manga Monday-That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Manga Monday-That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is a Japanese fantasy light novel series written by Fuse, and illustrated by Mitz Vah. It was serialized online between 2013 and 2016 on the user-generated novel publishing website Shōsetsuka ni Narō. It was acquired by Micro Magazine, who published the first light novel volume in 2014. Twelve volumes have been released as of July 2018. The light novel has been licensed in North America by Yen Press, who published the first volume in December 2017. It has received a manga adaptation published by Kodansha along a manga spin-off published by Micro Magazine and an anime television series adaptation by 8-Bit.


Taiki Kawakami launched a manga adaptation in Kodansha’s shōnen manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Sirius on March 26, 2015. Kodansha USA announced their license to the manga during their panel at New York Comic Con on October 6, 2016. A second manga, titled That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: How Monsters Walk, with art by Shō Okagiri, has been serialized on Micro Magazine’s Comic Ride website since July 28, 2016. A spin-off manga titled Tensei Shitara Shachiku Datta Ken illustrated by Shizuku Akechi has been announced.


Satoru Mikami, an average 37 year old office worker from Tokyo with no girlfriend, was asked for marriage advice by Tamura. After meeting him and his partner Miho on the street, he is stabbed to death by a passing robber (incredibly brutal death). After making some requests during his death, He is reincarnated in another world as a slime with the ability known as predator (which can devour other creatures and obtain their abilities). Upon making friends with the dragon Veldora, the slime, now known as Rimuru Tempest, embarks on a journey to find a way to free Veldora from his seal, encountering many different races along the way (along with enmbarking on side quests throughout the story).



Wednesday News- March 27, 2019

Wednesday News- March 27, 2019

Mayonaka no Occult Komuin Anime’s Ad Previews Opening Song-

Nearly 200,000 Fans Vote in AnimeJapan’s ‘Most Wanted Anime Adaptation’ Poll-

Caladrius Blaze Game Listed for Switch by Rating Board-

Crunchyroll Sets 1st Price Increase in U.S., Britain, Australia, Nordics-


  • Beyblade G Revolution BD
  • Bikini Warriors Essentials BD
  • DARLING in the FRANXX Part 1 BD/DVD
  • DARLING in the FRANXX Part 1 Limited Edition BD/DVD
  • Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Limited Edition BD/DVD
  • Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko Part 1 BD
  • Kimagure Orange Road BD
  • Kite: Uncut and Kite: Liberator BD
  • Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Season 1 BD/DVD
  • My Hero Academia: Two Heroes BD/DVD
  • My Hero Academia: Two Heroes DVD
  • Naruto Shippūden DVD Set 37
  • Ninja Slayer Essentials BD
  • Perfect Blue BD/DVD
  • Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace Essentials BD
  • Saiyuki BD
  • Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202 BD
  • Star Fleet BD
  • Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online BD 1
  • Yamibo – Darkness, the Hat, and the Travelers of the Books BD


  • Ace of Diamond GN 21 (Digital Only)
  • Alice in Murderland GN 10 (Digital Only)
  • Ao-chan Can’t Study! GN 5 (Digital Only)
  • Arpeggio of Blue Steel Graphic Novel (GN) 14
  • As Miss Beelzebub Likes GN 5 (Digital Only)
  • Asahi-sempai’s Favorite GN 1 (Digital Only)
  • Black Panther and Sweet 16 GN 10 (Digital Only)
  • Bloom Into You GN 6
  • Boarding School Juliet GN 9 (Digital Only)
  • BTOOOM! GN 24 (Digital Only)
  • A Centaur’s Life GN 16
  • City GN 5
  • The Devil is a Part-Timer! GN 13 (Digital Only)
  • Dragon Quest Monsters+ GN 2
  • Elegant Yokai Apartment Life GN 11 (Digital Only)
  • First Love Monster GN 7-8 (Digital Only)
  • He’s My Only Vampire GN 7-1 0 (Digital Only)
  • Hotaru’s Way GN 8 (Digital Only)
  • Hour of the Zombie GN 8
  • I Want to Hold Aono-kun so Badly I Could Die GN 4 (Digital Only)
  • Inside Mari GN 3
  • Kakafukaka GN 5
  • Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler GN 9 (Digital Only)
  • Kiss and White Lily for My Dearest Girl GN 8 (Digital Only)
  • Log Horizon: The West Wind Brigade GN 11 (Digital Only)
  • My Boy in Blue GN 7 (Digital Only)
  • My Monster Secret GN 15
  • New Game! GN 5
  • No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular! GN 13 (Digital Only)
  • One Week Friends GN 6 (Digital Only)
  • Plunderer GN 1
  • Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Chapter 3: Truth of Zero GN 6 (Digital Only)
  • Seto Utsumi GN 4
  • Taboo Tattoo GN 13 (Digital Only)
  • A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School! GN 6 (Digital Only)
  • Tokyo Alice GN 9 (Digital Only)
  • Triage X GN 17 (Digital Only)
  • Wonderland GN 2
  • Yuri Is My Job! GN 2
  • Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs GN 5


  • Danganronpa Trilogy PlayStation 4 game
  • FUN! FUN! Animal Park Nintendo Switch game
  • Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists ~Ateliers of the New World~ PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC game
  • No Game, No Life Novel 8
  • Skeleton Knight in Another World Novel 8
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Manga Monday- Sensual Phrase

Manga Monday- Sensual Phrase

Sensual Phrase is a shōjo manga series created by Mayu Shinjo. The manga was published by Shogakukan in Shōjo Comic between 1997 and 2000, and collected in 18 bound volumes. It was adapted as a 44-episode anime television series by Studio Hibari, and as a series of novels. The series tells the story of Aine Yukimura, a high school student who becomes the lyricist for a Japanese rock band, and her relationship with the band’s lead singer, Sakuya Ookochi.


Written and illustrated by Mayu Shinjo, Sensual Phrase premiered in Shōjo Comic in 1997, where it was serialized monthly until its conclusion in 2000. The individual chapters were collected and published in 17 tankōbon volumes by Shogakukan from June 1997 through January 2001. An additional volume was released on April 24, 2003 containing a sequel chapter to the story and additional unrelated short stories. Shogakukan republished the serialized chapters across six shinsoban hard cover editions in 2003, and re-released the original 17 volumes in 2006 with new covers

Sensual Phrase is licensed for English-language release in North America by Viz Media, including the special final volume. Viz Media published the first volume of the series on March 24, 2004; the final volume was released on February 13, 2007.

The series is licensed for regional language publication by Editorial Ivréa in Spain and Latin America, Pika Edition in France, Egmont Manga & Anime in Germany, and Star Comics in Italy. It was serialized in Germany in Manga Twister, and in Italy in Amici.

Light novels

Five novels based on the manga were published by Shogakukan:

  • 90-nichi no Densetsu, published December 1, 1999
  • Hong Kong Kyoushikyoku, published July 25, 2000
  • Ao no Meikyu, published November 26, 2001
  • Owarinaki Shinwa, published February 2001
  • Engage Song, published June 3, 2003


Aine Yukimura is a seventeen-year-old high school student who writes sensual song lyrics and hopes to become a songwriter. One day, two school friends talk her into entering her best lyrics into a contest. When someone bumps into her in the street, she drops her lyrics and is almost run over by a passing car. It is driven by Sakuya Ookochi, lead singer of the hard rock band Lucifer, which is known for its sensual lyrics. Aine does not know who he is, but falls in love. He makes sure she is not hurt, and gives her an all-access pass to that night’s show. After she leaves, he finds her lyrics and takes them back to the band with a plan in mind.

That night, Aine listens from the back of the audience. As she turns to leave, she hears Sakuya singing her lyrics. She runs to the stage to see if he is the driver of the car. She is swept off her feet. At first, people tell her Sakuya is never serious about women, and she thinks he might be toying with her. Later, he kidnaps her and convinces her to become the band’s lyricist, and she thinks he is playing with her but for business reasons, not romance. Sakuya then transfers to Aine’s high school, wanting to protect and work with her. Initially, he sees her as an innocent he can tease, but his feelings for her soon grow. Seeing her talent, and wanting to win the girl, Sakuya campaigns for Aine to become the band’s official lyricist. His manager initially objects, but relents on seeing the continued excellence of Aine’s lyrics. She becomes their lyricist, using the male pseudonym Yukihiko Aine to protect her identity and the band’s image.

Aine and Sakuya’s relationship gets off to a rocky start, when they do not communicate their real feelings. Aine tries to hide her feelings for Sakuya, thinking he sees the two of them only as co-workers. She believes he wants to preserve her virginal imagination so that she will continue to write hit songs for the band. This seems confirmed when he rejects her advances. Although Sakuya is not subtle by nature, he attempts to express his feelings for her by writing a ballad called “Little Bird” or “Love Melody”, but she continues to misunderstand. Finally, after filming the music video “Drug”, he corners her and confesses his feelings.

But beginning a romance and being the girlfriend of a high-profile star is not easy. As the series progresses, Aine finds herself the frequent target of Sakuya’s enemies, including rival bands and obsessed fans.

Ralph Grazer, Sakuya’s older half-brother, is an American media mogul who heads a business empire in the United States and is branching into Asian markets. Ralph has a grudge against Sakuya, whom he has never met although their father has pushed them to make contact. Ralph goes to Japan, and uses blackmail to force Aine to break up with Sakuya and work for him instead. Sakuya takes time out from the band to confront his biological father, the man had who had raped his mother. Sakuya travels to America to learn the family business, which gives him the knowledge and power to take Ralph’s position as head of the media corporation. Sakuya returns to Japan and forces Ralph to sign a contract under which he will recover his position in return for releasing Aine. Ralph, used to getting whatever and whomever he wants, is confused by this tactic and by Sakuya’s love for Aine. He returns to the United States to start over and relearn from their father. Ralph returns twice more in the manga, but no longer necessarily as Sakuya’s enemy.

Lucifer continues to grow, becoming a major hit. Renamed Λucifer, the band prepares to tour America and Europe. Sakuya and Aine attempt to balance their love and professional lives. Aine’s feelings for Sakuya and her ability to write lyrics are tested. The band hires Hitoshi Takayama as producer to prepare for international fame. At first, Hitoshi thinks Aine is nothing more than an outspoken groupie, with no place on band premises or in Sakuya’s life. But as he gets to know her he falls in love, hiding his feelings by pretending to be homosexual. As Hitoshi plans the band’s six-month move to England to set the stage for capturing European fans, he attempts to break up both Sakuya and Aine’s relationship and another couple, one of the band’s guitarists, Atsuro, and his girlfriend Yuuka. Yuki, another guitarist, soon puts a stop to this plan, letting Takayama know that band members owe their success to their families and lovers.

Kaito Yoshioka, president of a rival label, resents Λucifer’s success. He decides to use Aine to break up the band, and brutally rapes her in an attempt to break Sakuya. Hitoshi finds Aine and takes her to his home to try to comfort her, helping her avoid Sakuya out of shame, self-loathing and fear of being rejected. When Aine tries to commit suicide that night, Takayama tells Sakuya. Sakuya loses his voice and desire to sing, and leaves the band. Yuki realizes that the only way to protect the band is to sign with Sakuya’s half-brother Ralph’s label, taking the band international. Meanwhile, Sakuya tries to kill Yoshioka, but Ralph stops him. He reminds Sakuya that Aine needs him to be with her, not in prison. Ralph avenges Aine by having Yoshioka investigated for tax evasion and fraud, which destroys his company.

Aine is in a near-catatonic state, and Sakuya takes her into hiding to care for her. When she again attempts suicide, he cuts his own wrist telling her he will die with her if that is what she really wants. Aine snaps out of her depression and begins to heal emotionally. Takayama finds Sakuya, and with Yuki makes several attempts to persuade Sakuya to return to the band. Aine realizes that Sakuya is avoiding music and is afraid that she will be hurt again because of him. She convinces him to return to the world they both love. Takayama’s death in a car accident tramatizes and pushes Sakuya to rejoin the band and sign the contract. Ralph tells Sakuya that, when he takes over from their father, he wants Sakuya to head the company’s media business. Sakuya refuses, saying he would rather be a producer. After Takayama’s death, Λucifer performs its final concert in Japan before moving to New York City. While they are overseas, Aine studies to take Takayama’s place and become a producer. At the end of the series, Sakuya and Aine are married with a son. ~ See one-shot of Atsuro and Yuuka’s wedding, and one-shot ‘King Egoist’ in Love Celeb for the announcement of Sakuya and Aine’s second child ~


Wednesday News- March 20, 2019 (late)

Wednesday News- March 20, 2019 (late)

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